Augmentative Communication Therapy

Augmentative Alternative Communication is a true area of passion for me as a therapist. I love the power that AAC gives to children and adults who have been struggling to communicate a voice of their own. The power and opportunity that comes with having a voice is limitless and it is my desire to work with clients and their families to ensure that no one is left voiceless despite their inability to communicate verbally via natural speech. 

Augmentative Alternative Communication helps millions of individuals worldwide experience greater independence and success by providing them access to improved communication.

At Omni Communication my goal is to ensure that AAC is not just an experience but rather a journey, and what a beautiful journey it can be if provided with the correct tools and training!

Omni communication aims to provide excellent service and training at every step along the journey from conducting AAC/AT evaluations, customizing personal systems and educating families/caregivers on the set-up and modification of devices to providing therapy to build communicative competency and establishing AAC groups for group therapy sessions to encourage more social language use and natural communication using AAC systems. 

•When an individual is evaluated for an AAC system the goal is to select a system that is relevant and appropriate today, but that will also have the ability to grow with the individual and their needs and be appropriate and functional 5 years from now when their communication needs may have drastically changed.

•When an individual receives their communication device the family and caregivers need to be given adequate training and education so that they can actively participate in programming/modification and facilitation to ensure that the entire care team feels comfortable with the AAC system.

•The AAC user themselves need regular therapy services in order to become proficient and masters of their language system. It is important to remember that communication goes far beyond the basic request and it is thru regular AAC therapy that AAC users can learn to truly use their language systems to the highest potential.

•Group therapy and natural communication opportunities are a wonderful way to work on AAC skills and help individuals to become more competent AAC users. Imagine a group of school-aged individuals all who use AAC systems to communicate having a Friday evening session at a local eatery and using their communication devices to practice ordering food and participate in social exchanges! What better natural opportunity to practice the skills that will allow them the greatest independence and success as communicators!? 


AAC Evaluations:

    These evaluations are extremely comprehensive and individualized based on the
    needs and skills of the individual client and will vary from case to case.
      Families can expect that an AAC evaluation will include:
  • Assessment of nonverbal communication skills
  • Assessment of access needs (direct selection, switch activation, eye-gaze,etc)
  • Extensive trial period on various systems from low-tech to high-tech in order to determine candidacy and provide a comprehensive feature-matching

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