Cancellation Policies

Arrive On Time:

  • Please arrive on-time for your scheduled session.  The appointment will end on-time regardless of when the client arrives.  No refunds will be given for tardiness.

Cancelled Sessions:

  • Please call, text, or email the therapist a minimum of 12 hours prior to an appointment if you need to cancel the appointment.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL BE CONSIDERED A “NO SHOW.”
  • Appointments may be canceled without penalty if the child is sick.  IF YOUR CHILD IS ILL, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME.
  • Each child is allowed two canceled appointments not due to illness per 6-month period without incurring a penalty.  Each canceled appointment after the first two appointments will be charged 50% of the price of the session.
  • Credit for canceled appointments is given on the following month’s invoice.

No Show:

  • It is considered a “no show” if your child misses an appointment and the speech therapist was not notified at least 12 hours before the missed appointment.  NO SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL PRICE OF THE SESSION, AND NO MAKE-UP SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE.

Other Children:

  • If possible, please leave your other children at home, as they can be distracting during the session.  However, if no other arrangements can be made, you may bring your other children.  They will need to sit and play quietly during the session.  Please bring quiet activities for them.

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